Manufactured Urethane Parts & Products in Anaheim, CA

Today, molded urethane products, like those produced by CRF Industries, Inc in Anaheim, California, are used in just about every industry on a global scale. The worldwide introduction and use of polyurethane products was made possible due to the identification of polyurethane's inherent properties. These properties, when blended with various curatives and additives, can mold polyurethane into the part, shape, and hardness that you need for your project through the manufacturing process.

Invaluable Discoveries

These discoveries with polyurethane have literally created a number of unique abilities to address the needs inherently found in specific manufacturing and industrial challenges, while maintaining commercial product performance requirements unequaled in any other material. Urethane molds encompass varieties of hardness range and convey a wide array of functional properties, which make them highly desirable for many applications.

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