Reliable Polyurethane Parts in Anaheim, CA

CRF Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of quality cast-molded urethane products. Founded in 1990 in Anaheim, California to meet the needs of the oil industry, CRF has developed many innovative manufacturing methods and systems that have been designed to improve the ultimate durability and service life of polyurethane products.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with high quality products that yield optimum performance. By constantly improving our process and capacity, we have expanded our ability to produce high demand polyurethane parts for a diverse range of applications.
Cast Polyurethane Parts at CRF Industries Inc — long beach in Anaheim, CA
We have extensive experience in the following components of the manufacturing of cast polyurethane parts and products:
  • Quality Hand Casting Experts
  • State-of-the-Art Meter Mix Material Processing Equipment
  • Currently Manufacture Products from 0.5 Grams to 1,200 Pounds in a Single Cast
  • Hardness Typically Ranges from 30A to 75D with Any Variation in-between
  • Specializing in High Grade TDI Elastomers for Superior Mechanical Physical Properties
  • Superior Rubber to Urethane and Urethane to Metal Bond Strengths

Who We Are

CRF Industries, Inc has manufactured thousands of urethane part and products that are being used in many industries worldwide since 1990. CRF produces cast urethane products for high- and low-volume production.

Our polyurethane parts are produced using high-performance curatives and resins, and can be made to specification in most shapes and degrees of hardness.
Contact us at (714) 446-9738. We are located at 1281 N Patt St. in Anaheim, CA and let our dependable urethane parts and products meet your business's needs.